Dead End in Norvelt

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Dead End in Norvelt

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Author Jack Gantos in 4th grade

Book Facts:Author: Jack GantosYear Published: 2011Grade level: 6-8

"...Every living soul is a book of their own history, which sits on the ever-growing shelf in the library of human memories." -Jack Gantos




... This is the book for you!

If you love history & a mystery...

"She combined the 'nor' from Eleanor and the 'velt' from Roosevelt to create a new word for a new town, Norvelt..." -Mrs. Volker

4 out of 5 stars!! Dead End in Norvelt is a wonderful book with a lot of historical context; however, it is difficult to get into. The book does not come together until the second half, but after that it is impossible to put down! The story line is well thought out making the book a great read.

A word from the author

Summary-It is the summer of 1962 in Norvelt, Pennsylvania. Twelve-year-old Jack Gantos has just been grounded for the whole summer! And the reason wasn't even his fault! Now he is stuck helping old Mrs. Volker type up obituaries for all of the original founders of Norvelt. How boring! But then, the original founders all start dying very quickly. What could be going on? Who would be doing this? The summer that Jack thought would be the most boring of all turned out to be his most interesting summer yet full of girl scout cookies, a Hell's Angels curse, hot wax, a homemade airplane, nosebleeds, and Eleanor Roosevelt! Jack's story is not one that you don't want to miss!

Review-This book seamlessly combines history and fiction so that the two are indistinguishable. The story has many comical aspects to it that can appeal to a wide variety of readers. Though it is a difficult book to get into, Dead End in Norvelt becomes a thrilling read that you can't put down. I throughly enjoyed this book and appreciate all of its literary aspects.


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