Days of Decision

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Days of Decision

Days of DecisionHitler and Kristallnacht

This nonfiction book takes place throughout Europe. The main countries are Germany and Poland. This book covers action leading up to World War 2 and after the war.

By Andrew Langley

Character and setting

Interesting Info.

1. On August 1, 1936, the Olympics opened in Berlin. Hitler had reached his peak of power and he thought the games would be a great time to gain followers. His plan backfired when American runner Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals and beat all German athletes. This embarrassed Hitler and slowed the growing Nazi prestige.2. On November 9, 1938, Jewish people lost everything. The Nazi officials beat Jews up, destroyed their houses, and shattered glass. This night is known as Kristallnacht meaning "Crystal Night." This started the Holocaust and WW2.



This book focuses on Hitler's plans to purify the population and why he chose to do this. He tried different ways of getting Jews out of European countries because he was trying to have control over Europe. Most of plans didn't work so he turned to killing. He murdered innocent Jews because of their religion and different way of life. A war broke out across Europe and countries around the world helped. The Nazis were greatly outnumbered and lost WW2. The Nazis were erased and Hitler committed suicide. The Nazi officials that survived the war were tried for crimes at Nuremberg. Hitler's assisstant, Herman Goering, killed himself before he could be executed.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested on getting a broad understanding about the Holocaust. This is a fantastic book for reports, but it only gives brief paragraphs about the main subjects.

The main conflict in this book is that Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany and started an anti-semitic society. Many people liked his cruel ideas and wanted to carry them out by killing Jewish people and purifying the population.

Main Conflict


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