Days in a Sentence

by MrHodgson
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Language Arts

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Days in a Sentence

It is always better to be busy than to be bored!--Karen

A crowd of 14-year-old boys has invaded our house this April vacation week as they work on a school presentation about Schrodinger's Cat -- much laughter and creativity has ensued.-- Kevin

By the end of the day tomorrow, I will have enjoyed this vacation by playing 108 holes of sunny golf! - Tina

Today was not just about a good round of golf, it was also about practicing for my violin recital, writing another poem, planning for a European vacation,...but it was mostly about a good round of golf. - Bernie

Everyone has a life story, how that story plays out depends entirely on the person who lives it.-- Janet I.

Went to Richmond, felt bad with Pete and ran away to Tony, who made me feel good and treasured and special and loved, and he took me to a great Irish pub and pizza place for dessert pizza, made love, and eventually came home, to discover I had a sinus infection from a demon and was out of work all week. - Jennifer S.

Pineapples are a student's best friend. - Molly

Trying to soak up as much Sunday as I can so that Monday will feel more manageable. - Jennifer J.

Dreading the moment of the medical answer to the problem of the week, yet hopeful for my tomorrows. -- Bonnie B.

Dealing with NYS ELA testing, APPR and SLO decisions, IEP's and FBA's, BOCES training, and every other educational acronym devised while waiting for TGIF makes me never to want to eat alphabet soup again. - Lynda D.

As I waited for the New York State Fifth Grade Tests to arrive at my classroom, I ate my banana. - Amy


Never mind, Mother Nature loves snomen, snow forts, and us. - Thomas


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