Day, Night and Seasons

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Earth Sciences

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Day, Night and Seasons

How do the seasons the differ between the Northern and Southern hemispheres? The seasons are opposite because of the earth’s axisDo the tropics have seasons? Explain. No bacause it is just a tropic. What causes us to have day and night? Make sure you use rotate in your explanation. The earth’s rotation causes day and night because if the sun is facing a certain part, it is day and if it is not it is night.

Why do areas above the Arctic Circle have a month of darkness in Winter? It has a day of darkness because the earth’s axis makes the Arctic circle not face the sun at allWhy do the areas below the Antarctic Circle have a month of daylight in Summer? It has a day of sunlight because the earth’s axis makes the Antarctic circle facing the sun the whole time.

Why do we have leap years? Our calendar would be behind because it really takes 365 ¼ to go around the sun for a year.Why do we have seasons? Make sure you use the work tilt in your explanation. We have seasons because the earth’s axis tilts the earth so certain parts of earth get a lot of sun.

If Earth did not rotate, how long would the day last? a year How long does a day last? A day last 24 hoursWhat is a year? Make sure you use revolve in your explanation. A year is when the earth revolves around the sun one full timeHow long does a year last? 365 ¼ days



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