Dawn Of A New Century

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Dawn Of A New Century

-Dawn of a New Century-Post Civil War-WW1





Intellectual Movements



19th Century

The role of leadership shifted several times between the centuries, with Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt being the most notable politicians of the time period. This shift of leadership was influential because Lincoln helped to ban slavery and Teddy exposed corruption and passed new bills that helped to better the nation that are still in effect in the 21st century.

There was a huge shift in intellectual thinking in this time period. The shift took place as people gained access to resources other than books, like the telegraph which provided people's opinions from all over the country and brought up new issues. One of these issues was science versus church. This was the most important intellectual shift of this time because of how it still remains present in present day society. Even in the 21st century there are still debates on what is considered science versus what the church defines and what is the right thing to teach in schools, so it is important that the issue arised long ago since there are many resources and references from this time period that are used today.

The biggest economic shift at the new century was the way people made their living. It changed from mostly working the land in order to feed your family, to jobs that weren't all about growing food, such as factory jobs. With the invention of the motor vehicle and its increased use, many were able to go farther to work different jobs and people discovered different types of enteratinment to keep them busy. The economy shifting from farmers to more business/factory workers remains important to present day society because it started the trend of an increase in factory workers and decrease in land workers that still exsists today. Also, these factory jobs that many began to work helped boost the economy and open up new career paths the are still in present day society.

The geography shifted from the 1800s to the 1900s because of all the new immigrants flooding the country and also the idea of Manifest Destiny. This is important because shifting to the West provided many more job oppertunites and the pioneers who moved West are said to have given Americans their identity.

20th Century

Mass Production and assembly lines

Everything made by hand!

Katelyn MaddoxHour Six

Freedom of religion also attracted immigrants

World changing communication!

The social structure was changed greatly between these centuries in that slavery was banned and women began to gain many new rights. These shifts were important because all the slaves now had to find new jobs and homes and women now had the power to vote, which influenced the government and gave them more power to further flourish in the future in things like their careers.

Religion also played a role in the shift from the 1800s to the 1900s. The freedom of religion is one of the biggest things that attracted immigrants to the U.S. but as the 20th centry approached and problems began to rise about the scopes monkey trial and evolution, this freedom of religion began to complicate things because many people did not agree with scientific views when their religion had taught them differently. The overall right of Americans to freedom of religion has never changed though. The Scopes Trail remains important today because it is often referred to when such controversy about evolution arises.

In the dawn of a new century technological advancement were being made constantly. This shift took place because of the newfound use of assembly lines which sparked mass production, rather than the slow process of making everything by hand in the 1800s. This shift is significant in U.S. History because with the use of mass production and assembly lines the nation was able to become technoligically advanced and get ahead of other nations at the time, The concept of mass production, as well as assembly lines, are both used today across the nation to make life easier, making it a very important shift.


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