Davy Crockett

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Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier

Davy Crockett was famous for many things such as a frontiersmen, folk hero, congressman, and Alamo defender. Crockett was born in 1786 to a pioneer family who lived on the Nolichucky River in East Tennessee. Davy continued his family tradition of westward movement until he finally ended up in extreme northwest Tennessee. Being the 5th out of 9 children, Davy was taught how to shoot a rifle at the age of 8. At the young age of 13, Crockett fought the class bully and never returned back to school. When Crockett was 20 years old he married Mary Finley and after her death married Elizabeth Patton. Together, Davy Crockett fathered 5 children. http://www.history.com/topics/davy-crocketthttp://www.biography.com/people/dhttp://www.tamu.edu/faculty/ccbn/dewitt/adp/history/bios/crockett/crockett.htmlavy-crockett-9261693

SS1H2 The student will read or listen to American folktales and explain how theycharacterize our national heritage. The study will include John Henry, JohnnyAppleseed, Davy Crockett, Paul Bunyan, and Annie Oakley.


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