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It is a bronze sculpture of 158 cm. The work was done around 1440 Custom Cosmo Medici


His name was Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi.Born in Florence,Italia year 1386 Íbedem-13 December 1466.Occupation: sculptor, painter and artist from Renaissance.Works: David, Pulpit outside the capital of the Pradro.

The artist, according to Giorgio Vasari, was educated in the house of the Martelli family; and it is true that he received his first training in a goldsmith's workshop. Between 1402 and 1404 he traveled to Rome with Brunelleschi, to study the art of antiquity.

According to some reports Vasari, the artist spent his last abandoned by fortune, his last years as a result of a crippling disease were spent in bed and unable to work days.



Difference in the David

The David are very different from Michelangelo's David he was strong and muscular and the David di Donatello was weak reflected the youth of the hero.


David is show at a triumphal moment within the biblical storyline of is battle with the philistine, Goliat.According to the account, after David struck Goliath with the stone from his slingshot, he cut off his head with Goliath’s sword.  Here, we see the aftermath of this event as David stands in a contemplative pose with one foot atop his enemy’s severed head.


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