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David Wiesner

Bio:David Wiesner is known throughout the world for his picture books, which have been translated into more than a dozen different languages. He has won 3 caldecott awards, and has 3 caldecott honor books. He is known for his surrealisim and grew up in New Jersey drawing since he was a kid. After going to Rhode Island School of Design he turned his creativity to children's literature. He lives with his family near Philadelphia.http://www.davidwiesner.com/

About Some of his Stories:-In 1993 he drew a cover photo for Cricket Magazine. It is a photo of An alien ship landed in the desert. When the cover is opened fully you see it is actually in a sand box. He turned this picture into a book but could never find an ending that was as good as the beginning. He put it away for many years and in 2011 he drew the spaceship again and that sparked the story that became Mr. Wuffles.-David felt that after winning the Caldecott for the third time that he was ready to start working in a new medium. He worked with tempera, soft pastels, water colors, line drawing, and acrylics. He let his exploring be part of the story. This book is Art and Max.-Spot is an interactive iTune app for iPad. It allows you to travel through and interact with David’s illustrations. About David Wiesner:-Born February 5, 1956-Attended Rhode Island School of Design-His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.-Three of his books that he’s written and illustrated have received the Caldecott Medal: Tuesday in 1992, The Three Pigs in 2002, and Flotsamin 2007.-He’s only the second person in award history to win this medal three times.-He grew up in New Jersey.-It usually takes him several years to create a new book.-Mr. Wuffles is his newest book that was released in 2013.

David Wiesner

Mr. Wuffles: Published 2013

Art and Max: Published 2009

Tuesday: Published 1991

June 29, 1999: Published 1992

Free Fall: Published 1988

Flotsam: Published 2006

Hurricane: Published 1990

Sector 7: Published 1999

The Loathsome Dragon: Published 1987

The Three Pigs: Published 2001


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