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David Wiesner 1

Caldecott Medal

David Wiesner


Author and Illustrator

Awarded to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. David Wiesner is only the second author to have won the medal three times! Caldecott Medals Caldecott Honors Tuesday (1992) Free Fall (1989)The Three Pigs (2002) Sector 7 (2000) Flotsam (2007) Mr. Wuffles! (2014)

David Wiesner began painting before age 5 in suburban New Jersey. His mostly wordless stories encourage children to use their imaginations unfiltered by adult perspectives, while the vibrant, mysterious intricacy of his illustrations appeals to readers of all ages. Wiesner blogs about his creative process and offers a behind-the-scenes look at his studio at http://www.davidwiesner.com/

David Wiesner combines his vivid wordless storytelling techniques with digital technology in Spot, an iPad app that turns Wiesner's illustrations into an interactive visual adventure. Without games or puzzles to act as barriers, readers of all ages can explore the stunning worlds Wiesner has created to spark young imaginations. The app, guides for parents and educators, and a behind-the-scenes interview with David Wiesner can be accessed at http://bitu.com/spot/

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