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Inventors and Inventions

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David Warren

The Black Box was used to record flight data from 8 instruments every 2 seconds. The Black Box was turned bright orange so it could be found easier.

This early version would record up to 4 hours of data

He was included in the first flight of the first commercial aircraft, the Comet, which also mysterously crashed

He studied chemistry at the University of Sydney and he got a job in the chemistry of aircraft fuels

He was an only child, and his father died in an unsolved planecrash when he was nine, which inspired him to make the black box. His father's final gift was a crystal set

Born in Eylandt, Australia in 1925.

After the Comet crashed, he started to create the Black Box.He found his inspiration for his first deign at a trade fair when he saw the first wire voice recorder.

Black Box was a slang term in the Royal Air Force for a navigational instrument on an airplane

With this tool, we can locate crashed planes and figure out why they crashed so we can improve on whatever the error was



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