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David Walker

David Walker was born in 1796 or in Wilmington, North Carolina. Having witnessed slavery and racism, he wrote an 1829 pamphlet, Appeal...to the Colored Citizens of the World..., that urged African Americans to fight for freedom and equality. Walker was decried for inciting violence, but also changed the abolition movement. He was 33 when he died in Boston, Massachusetts, 1830.

1829- Moved to Boston.1828- Married Emily. (Most likley a fugitive slave herself.)1829 - Walker's Apeal was published.

Walker's Apeal helped the movement continue on it's path for freeing the slaves.

Walker's actions changed the tone and aims of the abolition movement. Most abolitionists had supported the gradual phasing out of slavery, but Walker declared that the institution was a scourge that required immediate elimination. And instead of supporting the return of freed slaves to Africa, he believed that every African American had the right to be a full and equal citizen of the United States. His fiercely argued views would affect and inspire others for years to come.

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David Walker1796-1830

Every day, Every moment is another step on the journey .~David Walker


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"Remain where I must hear slave's chains continually and where I must encounter the insults of their hipocritical enslavers."~David Walker


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