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David Shannon

David Shannon

He was born October 5, 1959

His book No, David! won the Caldecott Honor Award

Britton, Tamara, L. David Shannon. Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Company. 2012.

Giulia Mauro

No, David!Davids mom caught him trying to get the cookies on a shelf.David was playing in the tub when the water got to high and started pouring out of the tub.He was jumping on his bed and being crazy so his mom thld him to settle down.David was playing ball in the house when the ball hit a vase and he had to sit in time out.Davids mother tells him to "Come here!" and she gives him a big hug and says "I love you!"

His first book was called No David but when he wrote it he was to young for it to be published because he was only five! His mom had sent it to him. She had been keeping it for all those years. He still keeps the ornge faided book he wrote. Some other books he wrote were How Gorgie Rod Bourn Saved Baseball,and A Bad Case of Stripes.In 1995 he published the first book he wrote and illustrated. He also illustrated books for other people.

David Gets in TroubleDavid rides a skateboard in the house and he bumps into a little table with a lamp and mail on it. Then, Davi is in the kichen sitting in his chair and his mom gives him a plate of eggs and he asks" Do I have to eat them?" Next, It's School Picture day and David makes a funny face in the class picture. Last, David is going to sleep when he calls to his mom"It was me, and I am sorry!" and then his mom gives him a kiss and David says" I love you mom!"

Alice the FairyAlice is a little girl and she thinks she is a fairy!Alice can fly but not very high.She has a magic wand and a blanket. Some times she turns her dad into a horse. One time her mom made cookies for her dad but she turned them into hers. She felt bad about the cookies so she made her dad a crown. One time she accidentily spilled juice on her dress she said that she turned her dress red.


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