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David Shannon

David Shannon


Listen to Alice the Fairy!

Jangles Interview with David Shannon

No David! Extension Activities

-When he works illustrating a book for another author, he does it without talking to the author.-In A Bad Case of the Stripes he thought about what would happen if instead of chicken pox you got stripes.-He enjoys fishing and playing the guitar. -He is a former teacher with this philosophy: Getting into trouble is not the end of the world!

Fun Facts

Meet David Shannon!

1. David goes to school2. Jangles, a BIG fish story3. Good Boy Fergus!4. Alice the Fairy5. No, David!6. A Bad Case of Stripes

Write to David:c/o Scholastic, 557 Broadway, New York, NY, 10012

*Award-Winning Children's Book Author and Illustrator*Born on October 5, 1960* Grew up in Spokane, Washington* 1998 Caldecott Honor Winner for No David!* Currentlty lives in Los Angeles with his wife Heidi, his daughter Emma, and their dog Fergus.



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