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David Putnam

David Endicott Putnam was just 18 when he joined the French Air Force. Though he only lived to be 19, his victories in the air prove that he was a very skilled ace. David was also a part of the United States Air Force. He was in the 139th Aero Squadron where he had many more confirmed and unconfirmed victories against German Forces. In September of 1918, Putnam was shot down and killed by German flying Ace Georg von Hantelmann.


Dec. 1898 - BornMay 1917 - Joined French Foreign LegionJune 1918 - Joined United States Air ForceJan. 1918 - Scored First VictorySep. 1918 - Was shot down by German Ace and killed

Spad 94, Spad 38; four with U.S. 139th Aero Sqn.Gained his first victory in January of 1918 with MS 156.Had at least 10 confirmed victories, and many more unconfirmed A French Battleship was named after him.

Lasting Impact

David Putnam, although one of many WWI aces, made his mark on the avation aspect of American history and will forever be remembered.


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David Endicott Putnam



Snoopy acting as a WWI Flying Ace


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