[2015] Garrett Crowner: David McConaughy

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[2015] Garrett Crowner: David McConaughy

David McConaughyCivilian or spy?



Background InformationDavid McConaughystarted out as a priest. Later in his life he turned into a lawyer and competed with David Wills.Later even during the Civil War he became a spy.

Life as a spyWhen the Civil War started McConaughy became a spy. During his years as a spy he formed an elite group of spies called the Adams Rifles.This group spied on the Confederets and gave information to the Union.


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Cemetary HillDavid Wills and David McConaughy funded Cemetary Hill pre Civil War. When the Davids were rivals they both decided on an issue to fund Cemetary Hill as a compromise together, not knowing how useful it would be in the near future.

Why is he still considered a civilian?You might have been wondering... if he was a spy, then why is he in this project about Gettysburg CIVILIANS? Well the anwser is that he is a spy according to his own will. He wasnt trained my the military so he is only a citizen since he is not a legal spy.

Very True

Overcoming the challengesWhen David McConaughy was with the Adams Rifles, he had to overcome the fear and fact that if any of them were caught, he was already dead.


Being a spy and a lawyer and priest I suspect David must be witty,smart,and determind.

The Gettysburg Adress


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