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David Lloyd George

- Born January 17, 1863 in Manchester, England.- His father died in June 1864, leaving his mother in poverty. David's family moved to Llanystumdwy.- He left school to train as a solicitor, and was articled by the British Law Society in January 1879.- In 1890 he successfully entered the House of Commons as a Liberal, standing for a seat representing the Welsh Caernarfon Boroughs.- Lloyd George was appointed to serve in the Campbell-Bannerman government as President of the Board of Trade, from 1905 to 1908.- In July 1916 he became secretary of state for war,and by December of that year he became Prime Minister of Britain. - Played a major role at The Paris Peace Conference.- Resigned as Prime Minister in 1922.- Published his War Memoirs from 1933 to 1936 and The Truth about the Peace Treaties in 1938, among others.- Died on March 26, 1945.


1863: Birth1890: Elected to Parliament, a constituency he was to hold for 55 years.1905: The Liberal Party gained power and he was elected as the President of the Board of Trade.1914: Made Minister of Munitions to try and combat the shortages that British troops were then experiencing.1916: Made Minister of War and by December became Prime Minister of Britain1919: Went to Versailles outside Paris to attend the Peace Conference where he warned about the problems that revenge would cause and fought against some of the more harsh penalties proposed in the Treaty.

- Lloyd George was one of the great reforming British chancellors of the 20th century and prime minister from 1916 to 1922.- Lloyd-George retained his Parliamentary seat up until his death and was made an Earl in his last few months.

Lasting Impact

- At the successful conclusion of the war, Lloyd George was Britain's chief delegate to the Paris Peace Conference that drafted the Versailles Treaty.- He is considered to be on of the "Big Three" powers at the Paris Peace Conference, and many of his beliefs were present in the Treaty of Versailles.


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David Lloyd George



David Lloyd George giving a speech on the Middle East


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