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David Hume


David Hume was born in Scotland on April 26, 1711. He was a Scottish philosopher and historian of the Enlightenment period. He was mainly homeschooled until age twelve when he went to the University of Edinburgh to study law. He studied long and hard to where he had a nervous breakdown in 1729. The only way he could help himself was to go into business. In 1734, he took the little money that he made and went to France and stayed for three years so he could read and write in his own time. He wrote his first most important book, “A Treatise of Human Nature”, and that started his study in philosophy. Then he returned to England to have it published. Both Humes and the book did not get very much recognition. All he had left to do was to stay with his older brother on some of their family property in Berwickshire. He continued on his literary work and philosophy at Edinburgh and in 1745, he started tutoring to the Marquis of Annandale, who was literary-minded and later declared insane. After a year, Humes quit at a tutor and went back to France in 1746. The history and philosophy in his writing gradually changed over time. He was then appointed as keeper of the Library of Advocates. Hume became secretary of the British embassy in 1763 in Paris for more than two years. He returned back to England at the beginning of 1766 and became secretary of Foreign Office in London and remained until 1769. He had been making a fairly good living off his writing for at least ten years. He then decided to settle permanently in Edinburgh. He soon became ill which was caused by cancer of the liver. After a while, he died on August 25 1776.

David Hume

Importanceto the World

David Hume created the first principles of government. He thought of two types of opinions, opinion of Interest and opinion of Right. He believes that with these opinions that we can settle more easily and freely. He also made two types of rights, right to Power and right to Property. With the rights that he made, he believed that the people would receive more power over the government and for people to own more property. These rights and opinions are used in the constitution that the United States follow today.Hume also effected they ways on the French during the English Civil War.Hume's thoughts were used by the French in the English Civil War to help them through what they had to live through. He had transformed the way of their way of society and political ways. He made a root and branch transformation on their society. -Hume: Of the First Principles of Government." Hume: Of the First Principles of Government. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2012. ."-Kunitz, Stanley. "Hume, David British Authors Before 1800." EBSCOhost. N.p., 1952. Web. 11 Oct. 2012. .-"Online Library of Liberty." Online Library of Liberty. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2012. .

Edinburgh Univrsity where Hume went to school.

One of David Hume's famous books, "A Treatise of Human Nature."

Scottish Flag. David Hume's home country.


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