[2015] kyle jones: David G. Monette

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[2015] kyle jones: David G. Monette

In 1974 he was a senior in college and played in a local band. He wanted to become a professional musician. While playing he realized that there were many issues with trumpets. He noticed that there were some natural tuning issue depending on what octave you were playing in. The Bessen style mouthpiece which had been invented 100 years ago was still being used and produced by companies had become outdated. The problem was that this style of mouthpiece was meant for longer instruments that are made today. He innovated mouthpiece design by matching the lengths of the instruments and the mouthpieces. No one had thought of this concept called constant pitch center. After innovating mouthpieces Dave saw this as a doorway to innovate trumpets. He went outside of the music world to innovate. He is also a private pilot and designs his trumpets to have more efficient airflow. He used plane wings to give him the idea to create places where air will be sped up and slowed down to create more resonance for the instrument. The bends at the tuning slide and bell act as pumps to speed up the air making the notes easier to find and more resonant.

David G. Monette By: Kyle Jones

David G. Monette


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