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Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer is the main character of the story. He tells his life about how he was abused when he was younger. He shares his story throughout the book and explains everything in detail. Dave was born on December 29, 1960 in San Francisco, California. He has 5 siblings and is the 2nd child. Once Dave had turned 12 he was placed in foster care to get away from the abuse. He continued to go to several foster homes before he wanted to enlist in the Air Force. As soon as he did that he had gotten married and had a son. Couple years later he was divorced and he began his service in the Gulf War as a fighter pilot. He then wrote his first book in 1995 called A Child Called ''It''. He claims that the purpose of his writing is to stop child abuse and to get people against it. His book received many reviews and was listed in the top spot on New York Times Bestseller for many years. He also continued to write more books after his life of leaving.


1960- Dave was born1995 - Wrote his first book, A Child Called ''It'' 1997- Wrote his second book, The lost Boy

Dave Pelzer did amazing things. For example like teach people the importance of abuse. He also is helping others with his books. It's reaching out to people all over and opening their eyes. Dave has writte n seven books containing information about how he has grown up. All over the world people are inspired of Dave's story and continue to be positive and help people who are in need.

Lasting Impact

The lasting impact that Dave Pelzer made was to help people in abusive situations and just abuse in general.


Pictures- GoogleVideo- Youtube http://www.famousauthors.org/dave-pelzer

Dave Pelzer



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