Daughter of Xanadu Book Talk

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Daughter of Xanadu Book Talk

The Great Wall of China was built to block Mongol invasions.

The Mongolian Empire

Ever wonder what happened to Marco Polo while he served the great Kublai Khan for 17 long years?Do you think Marco could have possibly fallen in love with one of the Khan's grand daughters? This book talk invites you to explore that possibility...Check out the book trailer in the centre designed by the author's daughter, Emily Yang.

Imagine yourself as if you were the main character in this story...If you had a choice between fame and love, which would you choose?Do you think Princess Emmajin would lay down her sword for a mere foreigner?Will she listen to her heart and follow her dreams?Find out...

Daughter of Xanadu

Tweet! Polo!

To learn more about Marco Polo, check out this short video by the musician, Jeffrey Lewis:(just copy & paste this link in another window)http://www.history.com/videos/marco-polo#marco-polo

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Part 3/5

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Part 5/5

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Meet the Author...

Questions to ponder about Historical Fiction:How does Historical Fiction benefit today's minority cultural groups?Can we judge people or past events with today's values?What do movies like Titanic, Forest Gump and The Sound of Musichave in common?

Dori Jones Yang

learn more about The Mongol Empire down here

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