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Aim: To get information and group it and then displaying it in a graph.

Students watch a video on data handling.Students are ask at the end to get into 'Think-Share-Pair' groups and are ask to discuss the following questions:1. What does data handling mean?2. Why is it good to collect data and represent it in a table?Then students are asked to share with the class their thinking on the above two questions.

Where does the lunch basket go? And how does the Canteen Lady gather all the information about the food we order?The class follows the lunch baskets down to the canteen to observe the Canteen staff gather the data about how many pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches are needed.


1. Students are to have a brain break and dance with the music located next to this box.2. Students are to watch the teacher place a simple picture graph on the board and see teacher demonstrate placing the data (attachment canteen order) into the simple picture graph.

1. Refresh first lesson. Then next task over view given.2. Students are placed in cooperative learning groups and allocated a role.3. Students are given cut out pictures of pies, sausage rolls and milk drinks. One student groups the objects into their category.4. One student counts the objects in each group.5. One student writes down the number of objects.6. Remaining students draw the objects 3 pies, 4 sausage rolls and 2 milk drinks in little groups.7. Brain Break and listening to Shack song.

1. Teacher models placing information in a simple graph.2. Then she gets students to place pies, sausages rolls and milk drinks in a big simple graph on butches paper.3. Students are asked to return to desks with math books and they are asked to draw their simple picture graph that their group made.4. Finally the teacher completes a mind map on the board of what the students have learnt about collecting and displaying data.







How many pies did the school order today?

Co-operative Learning Group


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