Data Stage 1

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Data Stage 1

Hi, Im Alfred the Zoo's handyman. I'm responsible for fixing up the Zoo and helping the animals. But I need your help! Begin at the START line. Lets go!Lesson 1 is BLUELesson 2 is ORANGE


Alfred, Simon the seal here. I heard you now know about graphs. So lets make some! You have the data from Ryan the Rhino about how many animals there are in this Zoo. Create a picture graph to show your results.

Hi Alfred, Mandy the Panda here. I've know youve been busy counting, so let's display your results. I've heard using a graph is an good way to do this. But what is a graph? And what different types of graphs are there?

Alfred, its Betty the cow. I'm a little stuck at the moment, so I have lots of time to think - and count! I've heard tally counting is easy. Can you teach me?

Oink, Paula the Pig here. Want to know what my favourite song is? Its about tally counting. SING ALONG!


Oh no! Ryan the Rhino here. I've lost count of how many different types of animals live in the zoo! I need your help to collect data on what animals live in the zoo.




Watch to learn about tally counting. Its easy and FUN!


Help Ryan by recording the different animal types that line in the Zoo. Record your data on your worksheet.


Let's practice some more! Click on the spinning arrows to play games about counting objects and recording results. Its FUN!


Then, draw a Picture Graph on your worksheet using the animal cut-outs provided, and then asnwer the corresponding questions

Watch to learn about three different types of graphs.

Click the spinning arrow to watch a video about Picture Graphs

Pepe the Penuine here. Click on the spinning arrows to play games about Interpretin and sorting Data from a graph. I'm playing, Its FUN!




Hi, Pippa the Polar Bear here.I've done a quick survey of people's favourite animals when they come to Zoo. Its in this table. Can you sort it, interpret it and create a bar graph out of it?


Create a bar graph on your worksheets and answer the corresponding questions.


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