Data: Hungry Caterpillar

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Data: Hungry Caterpillar

STEP ONEWatch the video of the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

STEP TWOClick here and print the sheet of food the caterpillar ate. Cut out each item and glue into your maths book. Write next to each food how many the caterpillar ate throughout the story.

STEP FIVEClick here to play a game called Fruit Fall.

STEP THREEWatch the following video clip on picture graphs.

START HERE!Click onthe leaf

Data: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

STEP SIXIn groups of 4 collect data from Year One to answer the question 'What is Year One's favourite fast food?' Record your data in the fast food spreadsheet by clicking on the paper clip. Ask each student for their favourite and put a 1 in the box. Draw a picture graph of your results.

STOP! THINK, REFLECT & SHARE...Meet up with your teacher and classmates to discuss, share and think about each others results.

STEP FOURClick on the paperclip in the top right corner of this page and print the picture graph sheet. Follow the directions on the sheet.

Check-In& Discuss

Check-In& Discuss

Check-In& Discuss


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