Data And Statistics

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Discrete Math

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Data And Statistics

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Welcome 1/2K.Let the fun begin.

New Words You Need To Know. * Tally Mark * Symbol* Graph* Information* Data* Collect* Gather* Display* Objects* Picture* Row

Task 1

Click on the pink Audio to hear the pronunciation of the new words you need to know.

Come join Pic the Train as he "Choo Choo's" around teaching you how to make tally marks

Welcome Class 1/2K

What is Data and Stastistics? Data: A collection of facts, such as values or mesaurements. Stastistics: The study of data: how to collect, analyze, summarize and present it.

Whole class activity:Using the Carroll diagram provided by the teacher go around the class and see how many students caught the bus and how many students where dropped off by car and document the results. (Also note if it is boy or girl). Write one sentence about the data that you collected.

Join your teacher at the white board for ways on how to present data (TA DAAAAA!!)Using your data from part 2, draw a graph based upon who caught the bus and who didn't. Additionally, draw a new graph on the computer this time that separates this into boys and girls who caught and didn't catch the bus.

You work for the Australian government monitoring the weather.Using the information from the temperature charts provided by your teacher, graph the number of snowy days, rainy days, sunny days and cloudy days in July.


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