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Dashiell Hammet

Dashiell Hammet

Inspiration:-In 1915, he began working on and off as a detective for the Pinkerton Agency, which gave him material to write about and created a style for him.-He was inspired by one of the most popular pulp detective magazines of the time, "Black Mask" written by H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan.

The remainder of his life:-During the recovery of his tuberculosis, he met nurse Jose Nolan whom he married and moved to San Francisco with.-He moved in to a Hollywood penthouse to keep his family safe from his sickness. -He was dedicated to left-wing political involvement and defense of civil liberties. -Enlisted as a private in the army during WWII and discharged as a sergeant. -Taught writing in New York at a Marxist Institute.-As president of the New York Civil Rights Congress and a trustee, he posted bail for a group of communists on trial and was jailed for not stating the source of the money.-After earlier drinking, prison, and past health problems, he died on January 10, 1961.

Background:-Born May 27, 1894 on a Maryland farm.-Had early interest in adventure and mystery books.-Hammett dropped out of school at the age of 13 and worked for many low-paying jobs such as freight clerk, railroad laborer, messenger boy, and stevedore(dock worker), but was quickly fired from them for being late regularly.

Style of Writing:-Instead of adopting the style of intellectualized mysteries during that time, he added realism as a serious response to urban culture.-He made characters three dimentional, unlike other detective writers.-He didn't stick to the American values.

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His Work:-His most hard-boiled work ever was, "The Glass Key".-Wrote stories for "Black Mask" magazine.-Warner Brothers and Paramount made films based on his stories.



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