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DASD HS Computer Graphic Design Glog

Computer Graphic Design I


Graphic Design I is an introductory computer based art course in basic visual communication. The class will cover graphic design skills using computer-imaging software such as Photoshop, In-Design and Illustrator. The areas of file formats, image creation, scanning, digital photography, presentation tools, data storage and file output (printing) will also be covered. The class will cover the scope of graphic design, newsletters, personal notebook covers, picture kaleidoscopes, Photoshop adjustment and manipulation, photomorphs, photomontage, self portraits, image within a word, word within a word, name tags, business card and letterhead development and references to: stencil design for t-shirts, themed calendar, flyers, posters, altering font styles, digital portfolios and more.Graphic design is a form of communication using text and/or images to create an effective message in the design of logos, graphics, brochures, newsletters, posters, signs, and any other type of visual expression .The art of graphic design embraces a wide range of skills and craftsmanship including typography, image development and page layout. In graphic design, "the essence is o give order to information, form to ideas, expression and feeling to artifacts that document human experience.” This formation of ideas is cultivated into the field of advertising art where we are bombarded with visual images that are designed for us to purchase specific goods or services.

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