Darwin Australia

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Social Studies

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Darwin Australia

Darwin Australia

The map above is illistraiting place by showning the types of climate in Australia

The image above illistrates how darwin residents addapted to the water and now use it to their advantage


Human Environment Interaction

Although the city is very unique it is also very similar to a lot of cities here in colorado. They still have internet, television, and radio. Most residents speak english. The vast majority of residents are also chrisian. And even most of their sports are the same or similar to the ones we play here in America.

Darwin is a very unique place not just by the pictures shown above but in many other ways too. It is a very mixed race country. All f the buildings and houses are well built and great looking. Most of the jobs in the area mainly consist of mining and tourism. Around 23.3% of the population has no religion. And many other city wide celebrations than most cities,

This map above shows region by highlighting the region known as the northern territory


The map show above illistrates location by showing near by citys and cordinates



This map expalins the movement in Darwin by showing the every day use of roads


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