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Dart's Earth Science

GPS: S5E1 a-cStudents will ID surface features of the earth caused by constructive and destructive forces.

Big Idea: Earth has different landforms, or features. Landforms are made by constructive and destructive forces within and upon the Earth. Scientists use technology to alter and protect landforms.

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Constructive and Destructive Forces

What causes landforms to change?

How and why do humans change landforms?

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Tectonic Plates

Continental Drift Theory

Vocabulary Flash Cards and Definitions

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Learn AboutGA's StoneMountain

Learn AboutGA's Little Grand Canyon

Activities to Go Along With Our Textbook

Online Leveled Readers

Video: Kinds of Landforms

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S5E1: Students will identify surface features of the Earth caused by constructive and destructive processes. a. Identify surface features caused by constructive processes. Deposition (deltas, sand dunes, etc.) Earthquakes Volcanoes Faults b. Identify and find examples of surface features caused by destructive processes. Erosion (water – rivers and oceans, wind) Weathering Impact of organisms Earthquake Volcano

c. Relate the role of technology and human intervention in the control of constructive and destructive processes. seismological studies, flood control, (dams, levees, storm drain management, etc.) beach reclamation (Georgia coastal islands)Students will understand that: Earth’s surface features and constantly changing. Processes that shape the earth can be constructive, destructive or a combination of both. Human interaction with the earth can affect its surface features.




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