[2015] Tommy Ngoy (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 4): Dartmouth Nova Scotia

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[2015] Tommy Ngoy (Sem 2 McAdam Geo Pd 4): Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Did you Know?Did you know that Halifax to Dartmouth ferry services is the oldest saltwater ferry service that is still running in North America!

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Alderney LandingOpened in the 1999's, Alderney Landing's is a convention centre, theatre, market, and a art gallery. Alderney Landing's is the home for many farmer markets and seafood restaurant. Hosting up to 10,000 people Alderney Landings host many outdoor events such as Canada Day.

Amazing Tourism Sites

Dartmouth CommonsWith great history, this area used to be the place for a heritage musuem, city hall, a high school, and many more, until all of these things got destroyed to build a baseball field. Over time they expanded the park to make it a beautiful scenery to take a morning jog and take good pictures.

Tour of the old side of Dartmouth

Dartmouth Memorial Graves.They place poppies and a Canadian flag on all the fallen soldiers graves.


Lake BanookWhere clubs do boat racing and other recreational events. This place is where the orgin of ice hockey took place and the main home to many boat clubs.

Dartmouth SportplexHome to Indoor sports and a big community centre. With 2 swimming pools and many water slides. It also includes many fitness activities and entertaining events.

Shubenacadie CanalHas one of the most interesting background story in Nova Scotia. It connects the city to the Bay of Fundy. It's a great place to learn old Halifax history, go on a hike, and take pictures.

The BeachesThe beaches close to Dartmouth are beautiful. They have really good conditions for surfing and swimming. You could even rent a boat and drive around with your family for some fresh air and in some areas you can go fishing too.


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    Nice variety of images. You mentioned a heritage museum but you don't name it or describe it. What can a tourist do here for fun? You mentioned hiking but that's it. Dartmouth is next to the ocean - what ocean-related activities can someone do?
    Alderney Landing description needs work. "large amount of lakes" should be large number of lakes.
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