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Environmental Studies

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About DartmoorThis beautiful national park is home to various circles of stones , home of ancient villages and beautiful wild landscapes with the humid climate of the place create a mythical atmosphere.

the site served as the setting for the famous novel "The dog of Baskerville"!

Dartmoor (Devon, England)

Place of many myths and ghost stories

Jay's GraveMary Jay or Kitty Jay is also known as, was an apprentice in the Canna farm located on the outskirts of Manaton.By entering this site Jay began to receive the attention of the farmer's son, becoming pregnant this and thus suffer the rejection of the family. It was pitch reputed prostitute.She knew that false rumor (because in reality it was raped) could never find employment in the county, so take a tragic decision: She hanged herself in one of the barns.As it was a suicide, her body could not rest in consecrated ground, so their remains rest in a crossing of paths. This grave always has fresh flowers no matter the time of year. Nobody knows who leaves, so it is rumored that those responsible are the pixies (beings that live in the woods) because they feel sorry for the end of Kitty.


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