Darlingtonia Californica

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Darlingtonia Californica

The story of the Fly:y:The fly is lured to the leaf by the sweet smell of the lure leaves. It enters into the "cobra head" and is attracted to the light of the false windows that guide it back. After many attempts to free it's self, the fly becomes tired and disoriented and falls to the base of the tube of the leaf. Hair-like filaments prevent the fly from returning up the tube and it drops to the bottom of the tube where it starts to decompose in the water of the Fen. Microbes and bacteria decompose the insect which helps the plant take up the nutrients of the insect. YUM. Plants eating insects!

Darlingtonia Californicaor Cobra Lilies are very special plants with adaptations to survive in a soil with high levels of serpentinite.

The Carnivorous Cobra Lilie

Serpentine soil has little nitrogen in it. The nitrogent cycle can be confusing, so here's a little ditty to help explain this complex term.

There aren't enough nutrients in the soil for the plants to survive- so they lure insects into their leaves, drown them and bacteria decompose them.

By: Hillary LowenbergEnvironmental Education



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