Darfur in Sudan and Chad

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Darfur in Sudan and Chad

Darfur in Sudan & Chad

Cause of conflict:Omar Bashir took control of sudan allowing the National Islamic Front government to cause regional tensions. There was a struggle for political control leading to the use of weapons in Darfur. Two rebel movements (SLA and JEM) rebelled against sudanese government with complaints of marginalization and failure to protect sedentary people from nomadic attacks.

Major Events:1- Janjaweed aka “devils on horseback” attacked hundreds of villages (arab militia)2- 400 villages destroyed Sudanese government is NOT restricting the Janjaweed3- The ICC launched an investigation in 2005 into human rights violations to no avail 4- Sudanese gov denies and connection with Janjaweed 5- Bashir is the first sitting president to be indicted by the ICC due to mass killing, rape, and pillage 6- TODAY: 2.7 million Darfuris remain in internally displaced persons camps7- Most Arab tribes who have their own land rights did not join the government’s fight.

Solution:There must be understanding between the two sides. If desires are communicated, civilized conversation could lead to compromise. Bashir should be imprisoned for lack of involvement in his rogue military. A new leader with empathy would allow for darfur refugee recovery yet allow the military to remain with a restricted level of power.

Who's involved?African farmers & nomadic Arab tribes

Spatial Extent:Both Chad and Darfur are homes to refugees. The conflict extends across countries (Sudan to Chad) How long has there been tentsion?Since February of 2003

How it will play out:The two groups are too distant to find common ground and the issue will only escalate. Bashir’s arrest could be the only gateway to resolution.

Who has the stronger claim?The Darufuris

Root of Conflict:Settled farmers and nomadic herders fighting over failing lands, climate changes shattered a way of life. Land envy over ethnic hatred.

Form of Conflict:Open violence

How has the conflict manifested?Conflict can be easily seen in the vast number of refugees fleeing.People Affected:The genocide displaced over 2,500,000 people & 400,000 dead


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