Dar es Salaam

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Dar es Salaam

In the video you can appreciate the sights and views of Dar es Salaam through the eyes of Miss Toursim Uganda who took a trip there!

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Fast Facts - Commercial Capital of Tanzania - A major commercial port-Home to country's main university, commerce, and beautiful beaches-Population of over 3.4 million-1,290 sq km. with 0 sq. km of water.

Dar es Salaam's "South Beach"

Dar es Salaam is famous for it's Tinga Tinga Paintings

Tanzanians are very polite! They will always greet you with Karibu which means welcome!

If you visit the University of Dar es Salaam it is common to fnd monkeys and A baboon walking around the campus and in the Cafeteria!

There is a famous market for buying crafts called Mwenge. Don''t be afraid to bargain! How much? is: Shilingi ngapi?Can you lower the price a little bit? is: Unweza punguzia bei (pronounced bay) kidogo!

Tanzania is famous for its traditional fabric and Dar es Salaam is a great place to buy them. Khangas are used for every occasions and have written messages in Swahili.

It means "Haven of Peace" from Arabic


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