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Daoism is a religion that focuses on perfect harmony and an equal balance between all things in life. It is based on Daodejing which is "the way and its founder. Even though there are little records, it is believed that Daoism was founded by Lao Zi. Lao Zi (see column to the left) was a philosopher who was also rumored to be Confucius' teacher. The goal of life of Daoism is to observe and live in perfect harmony with nature. Followers believe that happiness comes from within, not from wealth and that everything in life is balanced.

Impact on Chinese Culture:

Lao Zi, which means Old Master, was the founder of Daoism. There are few surviving records about him; he was born in 604BCE and died at an unknown date. He was also rumored to have been Confucius' teacher before he founded Confucianism.

Daoism, also known as taosim, has left an impact on Chinese society. It has led people to think, not only about their well-being but also about their connection to nature and others around them. The religion can still be found in modern-day society in instances like paying homage to dead ancesetors and keeping a balance between all things in life. One more important aspect of Daosim that is seen all the time today, especially in medicine, is Yin and Yang.

Fast Facts:

- polytheistic- frequently worshipped ancestors- affected the way philosophers thought about how the universe was balanced


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The Founder:

The Religion:


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