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Dante Alighieri

As I drew nearer to the end of all desire,I brought my longing's ardor to a final height,Just as I ought. My vision, becoming pure,Entered more and more the beam of that high lightThat shines on its own truth. From then, my seeingBecame too large for speech, which fails at a sightBeyond all boundaries, at memory's undoing—As when the dreamer sees and after the dreamThe passion endures, imprinted on his beingThough he can't recall the rest. I am the same:Inside my heart, although my vision is almostEntirely faded, droplets of its sweetness comeThe way the sun dissolves the snow's crust—The way, in the wind that stirred the light leaves, The oracle that the Sibyl wrote was lost.

Upon A Day,Come Sorrow Into Me

Dante Alighieri'smost famous piece of work is called "Inferno". It is a book describing hell in poems .It Describes hell as 9 circles of suffering across the world!

Upon a day, came Sorrow in to me, Saying, ‘I’ve come to stay with thee a while’; And I perceived that she had ushered BileAnd Pain into my house for company.Wherefore I said, ‘Go forth – away with thee!’ But like a Greek she answered, full of guile, And went on arguing in an easy style.Then, looking, I saw Love come silently,Habited in black raiment, smooth and new, Having a black hat set upon his hair;And certainly the tears he shed were true. So that I asked, ‘What ails thee, trifler?’Answering, he said: ‘A grief to be gone through; For our own lady’s dying, brother dear.’

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Poetryfrom Dante Alighieriborn :1265died:1321

From The Last Of Paradiso

Most Famous Piece

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