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Dante Alighieri

Dante was born in Florence, Italy on June 1, 1265.At 12 years old he got engaged to Gemma di Manetto Donati while he also loved Beatrice Portinari. In his book "New Life" he tells the story of his love Beatrice.Studied poetry, music, painting, and philosophyAfter stuying he became a pharamacist and then a writer Fought at the Battle of Campaldino on the side of the Guelphs Was one of the seven elected officials that was in charge of governemtn but then was exiled.He is the author of "The Divine Comedy," "New Life," "Ill convivio," "De vulgari eloquentia libri duo," also called the "Eloquence in the Vernacular" which was in a latin.


June 1, 1265- Dante was born1277- Dante gets married to Gemma Donati while he still loves Beatrice Portinari1289- Participated in the Battle of Campaldino1293 - Publishes "New Life"1302 - Dante and his party were overthrown by the governemnt and was exiled. 1314 - "The Divine Comedy" is finishedSeptember 4, 1321- Dante dies

Wrote "New Life" or in latin "Vita Nuova" which was his first book.Poem or masterpiece, "The Divine Comedy" which is very popular and which he is mostly known for. Also wrote "De vulgari eloquentia libri duo," which also means "Eloquence in the Vernacular."He also wrote "Ill convio."Dante also became an official government leader, but was later exiled with his party.


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