[2015] Daniel Nguyen: danny'sferdinandmagellan

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[2015] Daniel Nguyen: danny'sferdinandmagellan

The Voyage's ImportanceMagellan's voyage was very important to sea travel, because at the time of Ferdinand, they thought you would just sail off the world, but Ferdinand Magellan took chances, and made risks he was willing to take. Because of his voyage, the world now knew that the Earth was round; and if that voyage hadn't been taken, no one would know this for years to come.

Exploration RoutesOn his famous voyage, Ferdinand, in search of the Northwest Passage, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, around the Straits of All Saints, (The Straits of Magellan), and died in a war against the native people of Guam. His last remaining ship, the Victoria, left Guam and sailed through the Spice Islands, around Cape of Good Hope, bringing routes, and riches, back to Spain, the voyage's sponsoring country. In conclusion, instead of finding the Northwest passage, Magellan found the Southwest passage.

1. Fredinand Magellan was actually born in Portugal, but betrayed his country by having his voyage sponsored by Spain.2. His voyage took five ships; the Trinidad, the San Antonio, the Victoria, the Santiago; and only one ship made the whole trip, the Victoria.3. In Patagonia, the sailors met Patagones, who were way taller than them, some at least 7 feet tall.4. Part of Magelln's Voyage sailed through the Straits of Queensland in Antarctica.5. Magellan never lived to finally see the Spice Islands, or Indonesia. He died in Battle with the Natives of Guam in 1521.

Ferdinand Magellan(1480-1512)Born in PortugalDied of poisoned wounds in Guam

1480'sFerdinand Magellan is born in Portugal in a farm, where his family lived.

1521Ferdinand is killed in battle with the Natives of Guam.

1505Magellan goes on his first voyage with Francisco de Almedia.

1519Ferdinand starts his famous expedition around the world, starting in Spain.

1492Magellan becomes the messenger for the queen of Portugal.



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