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Danijela and Kennedy Glog

Nutrition: Cheetahs are carnivores, their diet mainly consists of meat like gazelle, deer, and impala

Excretion: Cheetahs get rid of waste by peeing, or pooping like humans.

The Cheetah Lifestyle

Growth: the cubs grow rapidly and are half of their adult size at 6 months old, at 8 months old they are fully grown.

Movement: Cheetahs move swiftly and stealthily, to catch prey or avoid danger they run.

Respiration: Cheetahs use lots of energy getting prey, they eat about 6 pounds a day and only need water every 4 days

Transport: Cheetahs have to rest for 30 minutes after eating its prey, the body absorbs nutrition from the food creating energy, the the food travels to the intestines and comes out as waste

Reproduction: Cheetahs reach sexual maturity around the age of 2, femals choose with male they want to mate with, and cheetahs breed throughout the year.

Digestion: The cheetah eats food then the body breaks the food down and the food travels through its body and comes out through waste

Coordination: Cheetahs spot their prey then they swiftly move towards it and attack

Respone to Stimuli: Cheetahs have a light brown, tan fur that blends into its surrounding, they crouch low behind grass to hide from danger

Homeostasis: Cheetahs tend to lay down/rest under shade, when they cool down. They tend to live in hot climates so they don't cold very often but when they do their fur keeps them warm.




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