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By:Daniel Gonzalez

The scienctific name of the mangrove is socretea. The scientific family of mangrove is arecacae

Mangroves has 24 families. They have filtration system to filter out the salt in the water. Mangroves are great adapters. Bangladesh uses mangrove trees to protect from hurricanes.

Mangroves live in the coast of every continent but not Eurpope. Mangroves are huge they live in water. They have roots outside the water and they have a lot of roots. The range of the mangrove is shrubs to 200 feet.

They survive because they get a lot sun. The problem is that they live in salt water so they have a filtration system to keep the salt out. They interact with many funguses. One is cytospara rhizphorqe.The red mangrove seeds have the best condition because the seeds float.. I think the best condition is when their in the coast of Africa on the equator because they get a lot of sun and they get a lot of water

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