daniel jack and coles ming dynasty

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Social Studies

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daniel jack and coles ming dynasty

Local resistance, state rivalries, and competition over trade routes challenged the strengthening and expansion mosty by:- The peasants revolting- Harassing the japanese and mongols

The Ming Dynasty used colonization and exploration to gain power by: -Civil Service government system -They sailed to many places to emphasize Chinese superiority. -For transportation they built roads and bridges- They built canals for irrigation -They changed the manufacturing industry by paying the laborers.

Ming Dynasty

The increased use of weapons and military troops impacted The expansion of the Ming Dynasty by:-Ming families had to give one family member to the army to keep its millitary large.-Used lances and shields or archers on horses.-military would capture territories

The Ming Dynasty gained all their strength by:-restoring the Great Wall of China, constructing the Grand Canal, and building the forbidden city. They created power for themselves by exploring the world through trade, but never created any colonies.

-They invented the toothbrush

Comparisson between the British and Ming:-both had uprisings within the empire-both had competion with other empires in trade-British created colonies on other continents while the Ming did not



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