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Daniel Bowers- Deserts

Threats:One of the major problems that desert environments face is climate change. As the world heats up, less water is able to reach these dry areas affecting all life forms. As more people settle in these environments water becomes scarce and affects the survival of plant and animal life. Water extraction (where pockets of water are extracted from the ground) is also a serious problem. Beneath the sand there are many areas where water has collected over long periods of time. These are vulnerable to over extraction which could mean that the water supply will run out. To help stop these things from happening many orginisations like WWF are creating water basins to help create a flow of water to these areas.Native Community:There are many native desert communities throughout the world. One such community are the Aboriginal tribes of the Central Australian Desert. These people have adapted their culture throughout the years in a number of ways to help them live in their harsh environment. Originally these people lived a nomadic lifestyle and this helped to ensure that the numbers of animals hunted for food had an opportunity to breed and multiply. They were also able to use everyday materials such as rocks and sticks to build hunting tools when looking for food. Another way that the Aboriginal people interacted with the land was by testing the different foods available to them and incoporating this knowledge into there culture. Over time the Aboriginal people were able to discover which plants and insects were edible and which ones were dangerous. They then created stories and tales to help teach younger generations these important lessons to help them survive in the harsh environment.

Desert Fauna:Despite the fact that the desert is an incredibly hostile environment there are a number of different types of animals that live there. These include mammals, birds, reptiles, arthropods and amphibians. Some of these animals are bark scorpions, desert toads, the Texas horned lizard, meerkats and Ostriches.

Aboriginal tribesman with weapons

Locations of deserts around the world

Above: Sahara desertBelow: Deserts: Global Environment

top left: Meerkatstop right: Texan Horned Lizard


Locations around the World:There are a number of deserts around the world all of them of varying sizes. Some of these deserts include the Sahara desert in Africa, the Tanami desert in central Australia and the Sonoran desert in North America.

Description:Deserts are incredibly dry areas of land that have very little water in them. They are often desolate and range from containing little or no vegetation to plains of grass. In addition many deserts throughout the world are covered completely with sand and rock. Deserts are extreme environments experiencing boiling temperatures during the day before the temperature drops well below freezing at night.


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