Dandenong Ranges National Park

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Dandenong Ranges National Park

Dandenong Waterfalls - Landforms

Dandenong Ranges National Park

The Dandenong Ranges has many different important landforms but the most important are the waterfalls, because without them the Rainforests would not be as green and healthy as they are today. The 5 waterfalls which are spread out around the 5 rainforest. Doongalla Rainforest is home to Stevenson Falls, the smallest of all the waterfalls. Olinda Rainforet is home is the Olinda Falls which is the second largest waterfall is the Dandenong ranges. Sherbrooke Falls is in the Sherbrooke Rainforest, this waterfall is the largest of all the falls. The Keppe and Lyrebird falls are neighbouring waterfalls both in the Mt Evelyn Rainforest.

The Dandenong Ranges is home is over 60 different native bird and lyrebird species. The tall trees and moist Greenland have a big impact on the animals survival because without the plants, the animals would not get the neutriants they need to survive. The rainforests conditions also helps with the well being of the plants. The waterfalls and leaves of the ash trees store most of the water that falls from the sky feeding the plants and animals during the summer. Waterfalls also add Aesthetic value to the Dandenong Ranges National Park

Aerial map of Dandenong Ranges Rainforests

Fauna & Flaura

The Dandenong Ranges has many spiritual and cultural values included throughout the national park. The Burrija Cultural centre is both spiritual and culture because it shows how long the Dandenong Ranges has been cared for by Aborigines, Barrija, there name for the national park. The Dandenong ranges also included two flower gardens showing the many flower types that grow in the national park.

Cultural and Spiritual values

landform showing geomorphic processes

The Dandenong ranges is the closest national park to urban areas. This is a great thing for us. But not so great for the enviorment. The ranges being so close to the city creates many problems, such as air pollution from cars, busses and trucks, unaware drivers can kill animals and with the pollution it can weaken trees and not leave any food for the animals. The Dandenong ranges has had a problem with inhabiting wild animals because the park is so close to urban areas but this problem has been resolved.



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