[2015] Olivia H: Dancing Through It

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[2015] Olivia H: Dancing Through It

Dancing Through ItMy Journey in the BalletBy Jenifer Ringer

This book is about a ballerina's journey in the professional world and her struggle with eating disorders

This book is written in first person. For example, page three states, "At twenty one, I was promoted to soloist,"

The New York City Ballet is a significant place because Jenifer was a member of the company for most of her lifetime, and reached the top rank in the company.

Two other important people in this book are Peter Martins and James Fayette(below)

Jenifer made the choice to become a compulsive eater because she was under pressure from her company to have a "perfect ballerina body". This stressed her out and caused her to develop eating disorders. The result of this choice got worse and worse as her body got bigger and bigger, until eventually she was fired.

Jenifer was on Oprah to talk about her experience when the New York Times said she had "eaten one sugar plum too many".


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