Dancing of the 1950s

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Dancing of the 1950s

-Got its name in honor of Charles Lindberg-2 different styles : "Savory Style" (African Dancers at the Savory Ballroom) and "Hollywood Style" (West Coast White Dancers)How To: 1)Combination of 8 count European dance and African dance2) "swingout" each dancer takes a swing outwards and dances alone before swining back in

-Inspired by Rock 'n' Roll-Thought to be one of the more provactive dances How To: 1)stand a few feet apart facing away2)Legs Bent3)Torso stays still while the legs and hips twist back and forth

-Started in 1953-Cuban roots-Named after the sound of the dancers feet-It is a syncopated dance-It is very different from the modern day Cha Cha Slide-Can be compared to modern day Salsa Dancing

Dancing of the 1950s

Maddy LopiccoloandEmily Hopkins

The Twist

The Jitterbug

The Hand Jive

The Lindy Hop

The Cha-Cha

-Started in a 1957 London club called "The Cat's Whisker"-All kids were "hand jiving" because there was no room to dance-Became very popular; still popular today -There have been many songs written about this dance :"Born to Hand Jive" by Warren Casey (featured in the movie Grease)

-It is a swing dance-Got its name because it resembled the jitters of recovering alcoholics-6 count step touch-partners danced face to face or side to side-This dance includes lifts and spins

Since there was a change in music there had to be a change in the dancing. Most of the dancing of the 1950s was swing style based. Teen's dancing varied widely on new steps and new dances that came about. These new variations of dances came from the period of "rebelling." Teenagers didn't want to dance like their parents, they wanted to be unique in one of the greates decades in history.

One of the best to get a taste of the dancing scene was American Bandstand. American Bandstand was a TV show aired all around the US . It was located in Philadelphia and hosted by Dick Clark. American Bandstand was a program that showcased the latest bands. Teenagers would line up to get a spot on the dance floor to show off their dance moves to America.


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