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Interesting Facts1. Ancient Egyptians used dancing in religious ceremonys.2. The most tap dancers that ever danced together were 6,952 dancers.3. Making a ballerina tutu can take up to 100 yards of ruffle.

What is dance?Dance is a sport where as many as one two to twenty or more people join together to work as a team to preform in front of an aundience. The people dancing memorize the dance which can be very long. The people dancing need to have good core strength, flexability, upper body strength, and mostly strong leg muscles. In dance, you use every part of your body. It is very important to listen when a dance teacher is teaching you the steps, because sometimes at an audition, they only teach you the steps once. Dance can be very relaxing and fun. Dance is a great sport that even some football players do! Everyone should try dance.

The picture above shows a ballerina in pointe shoes doing a leap. As you can see, her feet are perfectly pointed and her legs are perfectly straight.


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