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Dan Gutman

Select Books(Check out his website for a full list)My weird school series"Mr. Klutz is Nuts""Miss Suki is Kooky""Mr. Macky is Wacky"Baseball Card AdventureSeries"Honus and Me""Jackie and Me""The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable""The Million Dollar Shot""The Christmas Genie""The Homework Machine"

Visit his website

Check out Dan Gutman's funny introduction video and his book talks, which can be found here on his website.

About Dan Gutman-he recieved 100s of rejection letters before finding his calling with humorous children'sfiction-his books have wonnumerous state awards-he writes for the reluctant reader because he was one himself

Dan Gutman

Click here to see the many awards Dan Gutman's books have received

Check out these fun wesites about Dan Gutman and his books:My Weird Classroom ClubWorld of Dan GutmanTeaching Resource: The Weird World of Dan Gutman

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