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Mesopelagic fish-live in twilight zone-muscular bodies, ossified bones, scales, well developed gills and central nervous systems, and large hearts and kidneys.-go up to feed at night-adapted for an active life under low light conditions

Defined The lowest layer in the ocean, existing below the thermocline and above the seabed and at least 1800 meters deep. Little or no light penetrates this part of the ocean, and life is surprisingly abundant.

Deep Ocean Ecosystem

Lantern Fish make up 65% of mesopelagic fish

The Goblin Shark-Abyssopelagic zone-brought to aquarium but died every time.

Abyssopelagic Fish-4,000 to 6,000 metres deep- black swallower, tripod fish, deep-sea anglerfish and the giant squid.-Immense pressure, deepest zone.-Mariana Trench!

In most ecosystems, the sun is the primary producers, but here, hydrothermal vents are.

Bathypelagic fish-live in pitch dark.-slow metabolisms and unspecialized diets.-very little food filters down to the bathypelagic zone.-very little oxygen exists in this zone.-difficult to find a mate.-bioluminescence!

The Angler fish from the Bathypelagic Zone

Giant Squid!

The limited resource for animals here is food by far. The deep sea is very expansive, and food is hard to come by.

There's crazy stuff here!



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