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Dan and Shey

Dan and Shay met in Nashville, Tennessee on December 7, 2012, and started writing the day after they met.The two began writing together and from those sessions their relationship grew to include performing together. The duo discovered an infectious original sound on their own, mixing country rock/pop seamlessly throughout intimate power-ballads and stadium-worthy hits.


Shay:Born and raised in Natural Dam, Arkansas, Shay has been singing since he was a young child. At 14-years-old he fell in love with songwriting and at 16 began learning the guitar. He officially moved to Nashville last year but grew up frequently visiting and recording in Music City. Musical influences include Rascal Flatts, Dave Matthews Band, Usher and Kenny Chesney.

Dan:Born and raised in suburban Wexford, Pennsylvania and has been writing and playing music since the age of 12. A Nashvillian since 2010, Dan has been on the local songwriting scene for several years. Musical influences range from Ryan Adams and Tom Petty to Kenny Chesney and Alison Krauss.

Country Duo

Dan And Shay

About genre...

Dan and Shay working on new music and singing their hearts out.

Dan and Shay being themselves.

Dan and Shay photo shoot..

Dan and Shay 's cover for their cd.

Dan and Shay enjoying the outdoors while playing the guitar.

Dan and Shay on tour.


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