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Daltens glog

I'm Sharon Creech author of The Wanderer

Sharon CreechSharon was born in South Euclid Ohio. Sharon's family was a rowdy family which makes a lot of her books crazy. Sharon also writes novels for adults other than children

a theme in The Wanderer is bravery because sophie has enough courage to go on a sailing trip on a boat full of boys. another theme in this book is Hope because everyone on the boat is hoping to get to Bompie in England

sophie is brave because she goes on a boat in the water when the first time she went on sea her parents drowned and she was left alone. Sophie has courage because when her and the boat crew were stuck in a storm she was courageous

enough to stay on deck and keep watch. Cody is funny because when he is on the boat he doesnt say the boat talk right unless he is using the radio. Cody is brave because when the storm comes he saves Sophie by putting her harness on her.

Brian is bossy because he is always telling the crew what to do and telling them thier chores. Brian is an organizer because him and his father make lists to organize,jobs,food etc.

some literary devices in The Wanderer are Repitition: The sea, The sea and The Waves, The waves.Hyperbole: "I walk at the pace of a ninety year old woman"


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