Dakota's Abigail Adams

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Social Studies

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Dakota's Abigail Adams

Born 1744Died 1818 --------------Back when Abigail Adams lived, men and women were not treated equally.--------------Men were ableto go to school but women were not.--------------First Lady,Abigail Adams, was married to John Adams.--------------John was the 2nd president of the U.S.--------------Abigail Adams was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts.--------------She learned sewing, needlework, cooking, reading and writing.-------------Abigail Adams had 4 children but 3 of them died of illness.-------------John Adams did not agree that women were equal to men.-------------John Adams helped write the Constitution.--------------Abigail Adams told John to state that girls were equal to men.-------------Abigail Adams kept telling him until he said yes!

She loved to cook.

She read books she found in her father's library.

This is the kind of dress worn back then.

School House Rock video about the Constitution

The Constitution that states, "All men are born free and equal..."



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